A  good headshot or marketing photo is about how people immediately feel about you when they see your photo...the spark in your eye... your body language...the message you are sending.

You don't want them to notice your shirt and your jewelry first (unless that's what you are trying to sell). So, it's best to stick with dark solid colors that look good on you (compliment your eyes) and simple jewelry. Turtlenecks should be avoided as well as clothes that don't fit or are wrinkled. 

Dress for your prospective clients. A realtor who specializes in mountain property might not want to wear a 3 piece suit

Always bring a selection of shirts/blouses to choose from.



For men:

I have powder in case you are shiny, but otherwise, I think no make-up is necessary. Lots can be fixed in Photoshop these days

For women:

I have several make-up artist who are reasonably priced and will come to the studio for our shoot.  They are all good at making sure your hair looks good from camera angle and will do a great "street" make-up.  And,  they can "bump it up" as well.  If you choose to do your own, that's fine.  Remember, we will preview your first few shots on the big computer monitor so adjustments can be made before we start working on the energy and intention of your headshot.


Natural Light Headshots

I shoot a lot of my headshots in natural light.  Although we are in the studio, it can still be bright. I would suggest not wearing sunglasses on your way to the studio.  Get used to the light before you get here.