It's easy to take a portrait of someone who is photogenic. But when it comes to the stuffy, sourpuss executive who never cracks a smile, good luck.  Eric Weber to the rescue!  Eric Has consistently delivered powerful portraits for our firm the past five years. He's as good as it gets.  Stop the search... hire him!

Paul Hanley, Senior Vice President

George K. Baum Company


I've worked with Eric Weber for twenty plus years and he's always at the top of my photographers list!  Our actors always get a clean shot with great lighting that works for them.

Patty Kingsbaker

Radical Artists Agency


I've been a professional speaker for more twenty years and  have had to opportunity to work with hundreds of photographers from all over the world in that time. With out a doubt, Eric Weber is the finest portrait and headshot photographer I've ever worked with and he's heads and heels above all the others. He's the ulitmate professional and is about as creative and innovative as they come.

Eric Chester

CSP, CPAE and President of Generation Why, Inc.


Eric Weber has been a staple in this town for 27years, and for a good reason. He is a consumate professional with a superior attitude who can deliver a great headshot.

John Crockett

Front Range Acting Studio


When Eric begins to shoot, he doesn't seem to think at all.  He seems to work only on intuition, gesturing in the air to direct his model, sometimes looking up to laugh hugely. The warm atmosphere softens his subject:  She's not thinking any more about which is her prettiest side. She's laughing, her eyes alive.  Now the camera clicks more quickly to capture the life before it slips back inside... the camera is the center of the storm, a tight circle of focused concentration in the midst of all this energy.  Secretly, he's aware of every detail, but we only feel the fun.

Pam Vanderpool

Attorney at Law


Eric Weber has withstood and overcome the test of time through consistently and creatively reinventing himself and his photography business.  His photos enhance the true confidence of experienced veterans, while encouraging the twinkle in the eye of the newcomer, that attracts the attention of industry professionals.  Eric's welcoming personaltiy, combined with a comfortable studio environment, help create a positive experience for his clients that produce top choice photos.

Peter DeAnello

Owner-Big Fish Talent


Eric Weber knows how to capture essence. While most professional and even some amateur photographers can take good pictures, Eric catches the magic in your smile, your eyes, your overall image. He’s just better than the rest. If you want business photos that communicate a “hire me” message, hire Eric to take them. 

Julie Wassom

Professional Speaker,Trainer


I have to share with you that our staff members have made a point to tell me how much they enjoyed your beautiful photos as well as your good-natured way of working with them in the studio. You seem to have a great gift for putting people at ease, turning the experience into something they enjoy, and getting great results. We're very lucky to be working with you!


Becky Clark
Creative Developer, Colorado Public Radio